How They Work

Unlike a standard dump body, a rear-eject system doesn’t utilize gravity to push the load out.  Instead, the hydraulics push a ram horizontally through the body to move the rock and dirt (or other material) to the back and out the end.  Imagine having a dozen pushing the material straight out of the rear of the body.

As the ejector blade starts to move, the tailgate lowers allowing the material to be placed where the operator intends, but to ensure maximum capacity and minimal spillage during transport.

End Dump Trailers {Boxes from 12’ to 30’ or made to order.}

We build contractor boxes, grain boxes, custom boxes, tree service bodies and demolition boxes: installs hoists, wet kits, pushers and tag and steerable axles.

  • Side to Side Manual Tarp
  • Front to Back Tarp System “Electric”
  • LED Lights
  • Custom Paint Available
  • Semi Pull Type
  • Tractor Pull Type
  • Dishgate
  • Self Contained Hydraulic
  • Harsh Scissor Hoist
  • Harsh Single Post Hoist
  • Hi-Lift Tailgate
  • Swing Gate
  • Solid Extensions
  • (Bolt On or Fold Down Extensions)
  • Drop Axle
  • Mesh Extensions
  • Spring Ride Suspension
  • Air Ride Suspension
  • Air Brake System
  • Hydraulic Brake System
  • Four-Axle Set Up Steerable
  • Aluminum Rims
  • And More