primer sleedshow “Tarps and Chromes”


Chrome truck accessories can include side view mirror mounts, front grilles, rear bumpers, lower box steps and head lamp overlays. Other types of chrome truck accessories include door handle covers, tailgate accents, tail light covers, fuel tank covers and various other components exclusive to the designs of specific makes and models of trucks.

Many of the potential chrome accessories for a truck exist as alternate options for any removable or protruding segment of the vehicle that is not part of the main body design, typically on the exterior of the vehicle.

Some trucks also feature chrome accents throughout the front and rear, covering sections of the hood or tailgate on areas where the metal has an opening. Some trucks can also feature chrome grilles, ranging from basic reproductions of standard grille designs for that model or custom grilles that feature words or images. Other types of chrome accessories include the railings or steps on larger trucks, additional light casings or truck bed tool boxes.